Is The Blue Dragon Strain the Best Marijuana Strain in 2021

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Blue Dragon strain

is a 60% Indica / 40% Sativa cross that was initially bred in California, with its parentage lying in the Indica-leaning Blueberry and the Sativa-leaning Sour Diesel. Both Blueberry and Sour Diesel are well known for their overwhelmingly enjoyable effects, as well as their distinctive flavor combinations.

Blue Dragon Marijuana strain

The goal of Blue Dragon Marijuana strain was to combine not only the different effects of its parents but also to get a distilled flavor profile, despite how strange it might be to blend the flavors of Sour Diesel with Blueberry.

The critical thing about Blue Dragon Marijuana strain is its rather unique high – thanks to its almost absurdly high THC concentrations, Blue Dragon is well known for being almost overpowering after its first toke.

After taking your very first puff of Blue Dragon Marijuana strain, you can expect an intense wave of euphoria to wash over you, but instead of a gentle caress of pleasant feelings, like with some other strains, it is instead far closer to a physical punch of complete emotion; some users actually describe feeling out of breath after just one hit.

There is an inherent balance between Sativa and Indica right from the very start, with a combination of a profoundly strong head high and an intensely euphoric, yet oddly centered body sensation that almost begins to feel like a vague shaking in your very bones.

However, this will eventually morph into a feeling of total and complete relaxation. It will feel difficult to differentiate between a regular indica-based relaxation, with your body unable to move and a sincere desire to sit down, or a Sativa-based relaxation, wherein your mental state is wholly rooted in relaxation and calmness.

There is an undercurrent of continuous happiness that exists throughout the high, leaving you feeling both blissful and content – there is a sort of equilibrium between the two states of being between Indica or Sativa feelings. You will feel relaxed, calm, and somewhat couch-locked, but still somehow engaged with what is going on around you. You will feel generally positive, as well as uplifting.

You can expect a heaping quantity of the munchies with Blue Dragon Marijuana strain, with a distinct impression that the hunger will simply not go away. Make sure you keep a variety of different snacks on hand to help fend off the near-constant grumbles of your belly.

The key thing to remember with Blue Dragon Marijuana strain, besides the intense hunger, is that the substantial effects are almost too much to handle for the majority of users, especially those that have never had it before. This is not the ideal strain to give to first-time marijuana smokers, as it could well put them off of marijuana for life.

Of course, besides the intensely strong effects, it also has a very distinct flavor profile.

Blue Dragon Marijuana strain, Flavor, and Appearance


The initial aroma of Blue Dragon strain

is what you might expect from its parentage – there is a prolific smell of blueberries and general fruitiness, but it is undercut by the vague smell of diesel. This makes the aroma of Blue Dragon strain precisely what its parentage possesses – blueberries and diesel, brought together into one single smelling experience.

Once you crack the buds open, the smell stays pretty much the same, only the diesel smell begins to dominate your nose and overwhelm your palate. The smoke has a distinctly burnt, hazy quality to it that smells like dried blueberries and that ever familiar scent of diesel.

How about the actual taste on the tongue? Is it just the same?


Blue Dragon Marijuana strain is quite what you would expect, but there are a few subtle differences between its aroma and its flavor.

For starters, despite the fact that there is the expected flavor of blueberries, there is a sweetness that the aroma does not have, tasting almost cloying in its sharp sweetness. The diesel quality arrives next, like the flavor in your mouth at a gas station, but there is that ever-present current of blueberries to help balance it out. There is also a vaguely vegetal flavor that occurs at the back of the throat, making this an incredibly unique tasting experience.

The hazy, thick smoke made by Blue Dragon can be quite harsh on the throat when smoked, especially if taken too quickly.


The buds of Blue Dragon are a luminous green, interspersed with occasional spots of purple and gold that seem almost like sunspots on a warm, clear day. There is the expected quantity of orange hairs and pistils that demonstrate the bud’s quality, as well a fine white coating of trichomes that give it a very slightly frosty appearance if held up to the sun.

The bud structure itself is quite thick and dense, looking more like the bud of a leaf group rather than the flowering bud of marijuana.

Though from a distance Blue Dragon looks quite ordinary, the different mottling of colors makes this strain uniquely attractive when held up to the light.

If you want to try and grow some yourself, then it is essential to know a few basic tips to make sure your growing experience isn’t too difficult.

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