Best Pre Rolled Joints in 2021

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Looking for the best pre rolled bluntsWe have tested this awesome blunt and review the whole experience for you.

Backwoods Pre Roll

  • Name: Barewoods x Los Angeles Kush
  • Type: Pre Rolled Backwood Blunt (1g of Los Angeles Kush with .2g of LA Kush extract shatter in a Backwoods with a glass crutch)
  • Dispensary/Menu: Kushmart LA (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Price: $35 per blunt
  • Rolled: 5/5 (No saliva used)
  • Smoked: 5/5
  • Taste: 5/5
  • High: 6/5
  • Buzz Length: 4/5
  • Official Rating: 5/5
backwoods black sweet aromatic

Overview: This review of Barewoods x Los Angeles Kush pre rolled blunt was one of the easiest ones I’ve ever done. By far the best blunt I have ever smoked, and I’ve been smoking for 10 years now. It was perfectly rolled with no canoeing and without the use of saliva. Throughout the joint you get small tastes of LA Kush’s extract shatter and a whole gram of their flower. They top it off with a glass crutch that makes this blunt that much better. It seems pricey for $35 but it’s well worth it. This is definitely a special occasion type of blunt.

King louie Dankwood

If have just read our review of the Barewoods x Los Angeles Kush pre rolled blunt and you want more pre-rolls’ reviews and info to compare/find which is the best for you, we have this post about some of our favorites pre-rolls.


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