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Dankwoods. In order to understand the concept behind “Dankwoods,” you first must learn a bit about the brand they’ve chosen to ripoff. Backwoods Smokes are a popular line of cigars notable for being wrapped in a leaf of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. When properly unrolled, this wrapper leaf makes for excellence use as a blunt. The brand is so popular, in fact, that rare or discontinued flavors are considered a hot commodity with their own secondary market online.

Dankwoods is essentially the commercialization of this process through illegal means. Very little is known about the operation, including any of the people involved, where their cannabis is sourced or grown, or who is ultimately profiting from your purchase. What is known is that “Dankwoods” are available as individually packaged pre-rolled blunts, sometimes covered in keef, and the purveyors even have a website suggesting that consumers can make online purchases. Brightly colored labels that match the Backwoods’ aesthetic perfectly only serve to further enhance the appeal of these items, which are allegedly sold for $40 each and contain two grams of cannabis a pie.