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From beginners who can’t roll to cannabis connoisseurs, you can only go right with Packwoods pre-rolls

Backstory of packwoods pre rolls and flavors

Why are packwoods so popular? Here we need to take a step back to 1973, when the brand Backwoods was established, just a few years after the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act was passed by President Nixon. Ironically, it was thanks to the cigarets’ publicity restrictions that Backwoods was able to stand out and achieve exponential grow. To circumvent the issue, they advertised Backwoods as “small, all natural tobacco cigars.” The all-natural tobacco inside comes from the Dominican Republic, and the genuine broadleaf wrapper is made in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Aged for 12 months to allow for the natural sweetness to emerge to the surface before adding of any additional flavors.

During the 1980’s Backwoods sales had reached an all-time high popularity thanks to the hip-hop and cannabis crowds, who made it their go-to tobacco cigar and blunt wrapper to smoke cannabis. “I smoke Backwoods and Dutchies; you can’t touch me” – The Notorious B.I.G; the Backwoods’ name seemed to appear in every popular rapers’ song.

Today, rolling blunts with Backwoods still as popular as ever, and since the use of marijuana (medical and recreational) is legal in many states, the demand for high-quality backwood pre-rolls has sky rocketed. Now, thanks to Packwoods pre-rolls this is more than just a great fact, it’s an enhanced reality; tobacco-free, organic wrap around all-natural incredibly potent cannabis leaf with a great variety of flavors.

Packwoods Pre rolls

Stablished in 2017, Packwoods is a licensed cannabis business located in Los Angeles, where they specialize in tightly-packed, high-quality, all-organic cannabis pre-rolls. Most of Packwoods pre-rolls have the time-tested recipe of 2 grams of all-organic, unadulterated, solvent-free cannabis with about a quarter of concentrate rolled in tobacco-free meduro backwoods leaf.
Everything is grown in Los Angeles, using the best organic materials and processes for a 100% pure, solvent-free guaranteed, as Packwoods take great pride in being a brand name you can rely on. Their products are tested throughly to ensure their product remains pesticide free and ‘flavor’ packed for an outstanding experience.

Best Packwood Flavors 2021/2022

Packwoods flavors have a myriad of options. Here are some of the many interesting choices:
Packwoods Cherry AK-47: Energetic yet mellow sativa dominant (70/30) hybrid. Fruity cherry aroma with pleasant head and body effects.
Packwoods Flo flavor: Lovechild of Purple Thai and Afghan indica, the plant is described as having purple calyxes with pear shaped buds. The effects are light yet energetic.
Packwoods Purple Punch: Indica strain with a grape-candy and kool-aid scent, that aids pain relief and insomnia.
Packwoods Super Skunk: Indica dopant strain, from robust flowers, that relaxes the body and helps stress and body aches.

Packwoods sale of all-natural, organic, pesticide and tobacco-free Packwoods pre-rolls are available for online purchase and to Prop 215 compliant, licensed dispensaries across California.