Afghani Hash 10 g


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Afghani Hash

Afghani Hash owes its name to the country in which it is grown: Afghanistan. The first cannabis strains in the world are thought to have originated in this country.

Black Afghani hashish for sale

But what makes this so special? According to growers, this species has an incredibly high resin production that is genetically passed on. This results in a dark, soft hash with a neutral taste.

Afghani Hashish is known for the very relaxing effect. If you have trouble falling asleep, this species is literally a dream come true. Even if you experience (chronic) pain or stress, Afghani can relieve your symptoms.

The taste of Afghani Black Hashish is not strong or overwhelming. The aroma consists of dark flavor accents with hints of pine and fruit. A neutral species that will undoubtedly get a place among your favorites.

Afghani Hash

Afghani Hash

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