Delta 8 Gummies 1000mg


Delta 8 gummies Flavors

  • cherry
  • lemon
  • orange
  • green apple
  • watermelon.
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Delta 8 gummies

Delta 8 gummies are becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids. Known for its psychotropic effects and a range of therapeutic potential for anxiety and insomnia, much like CBD oil but also with intoxication. Delta 8 gummies with THC have been making an appearance in a variety of new consumables which makes them accessible for more adults. You don’t need to vape delta 8 THC carts or smoke cannabis to experience the medicinal benefits and high with delta 8.

Delta 8 Gummies Strength 

Delta8 gummies are the hottest new thing in CBD while it does not have the punch that thc8 does it will give you a low-level mellow along with all the other benefits of CBD. 

We sell 1000mg/500mg/250mg available per package

The best way to describe the feeling of taking these gummies is like a lower level more focused sensation than when you are using THC8.

Delta 8 Gummies Flovors

These Delta 8 gummies are amazing and can be so helpful for all kinds of health challenges. The flavors are cherry, lemon, orange, green apple and watermelon.

Delta 8 Gummies Reviews

After extensive research, We got great reviews from our clients stating that Delta 8 Gummies helped them in the following ways: 

  • great Gummy tasting flavors!
  • take for stress relief
  • take for chronic pain relief
  • take for anxiety and PTSD
  • great for insomnia

Delta 8 Gummies Wholesale

We provide wholesale delta 8 gummies to all our clients worldwide and with a very wide range of clients who trust our services, we deliver all over the USA, Canada, Uk, Europe, Australia, Asia and, more.

How to use delta 8 gummies safely

Delta 8 is said to be less psychotropic than the more well-known Δ9 THC and THCA. With that said, keep in mind that it is still a form of THC, which is a psychotropic compound. In other words, it can get you high, especially if you take too much of it.

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Must be of legal age to buy
  • Purchase from trusted shops
  • Start with 1/3 dose to assess tolerance
  • You can always take more, not less

You should always start with a low dose and assess your tolerance from there. Some delta 8 users have compared their experience to standard delta 9 edibles. Others reported a strong sedative effect, or just a milder high and a more lucid experience overall. Here are some tips for how to use them safely.


Here’s the part I was most impressed by — these delta-8 THC gummies are delicious! I was taken aback at the sweet flavor of the easily chewy gummy, expecting some sort of cannabis or hemp aftertaste. The bite of earthy flavor from the bud in an edible is hard to mask, so I had no expectations that these little sweet treats would be as tasty as they are.

The truth is, it’s hard to eat just one at a time because the flavor is so powerfully scrumptious. At 20mg per gummy, though, one gummy is plenty for most people. Especially if you’re new to cannabis products or you’ve never tried delta-8 before, one gummy per serving is perfect.

The aftertaste is still sweet with the slightest hint of tartness, bringing out the other natural flavors the gummies are made with. 



Generally speaking, edibles are known for how long they take to kick in. Depending on the extract, some edibles require the cannabinoids inside them to pass through the liver before they can be metabolized. This helps explain why it can feel like it takes hours sometimes before an edible kick in.

It can kick in for individuals at different times depending on a variety of factors. Personally, edibles don’t typically hit me very fast. Sometimes, edibles with marijuana extracts may not even affect me — at least, not a noticeable one.

For delta-8 THC gummy, I was impressed by how quickly something could be felt. I was even patient to ensure I wasn’t just feeling some placebo. I wanted to make sure what I felt was genuine and authentic, so I paid special attention to everything that was happening to me.

Within the first 15 minutes, I felt like the gummy might already start taking effect. It wasn’t instant, but I felt a slow, gradual relaxation wash over me.



As the minutes passed, it intensified slowly, gradually, into a soothing high. I was able to tackle all my tasks for the day, still, and felt more productive as I went. I felt more able to focus as time progressed.



The clear high delta-8 THC gummies give me was apparent at this point. What was truly interesting to note is the lack of rapid heart rate. When smoking, my heart may beat a little faster sometimes. If I’m drinking coffee with my bud, I may start to perspire slightly, and that combination can even stimulate minor anxiety. With these gummies, I felt none of that. 



Even 3 hours into the delta-8 THC Gummy experience, the chill high could still be felt. Given that edibles don’t usually last that long for me, I was impressed all around with this cannabis product. Extracted from powerful hemp plants, it’s a 100% legal way to enjoy THC. Yep, even in states where marijuana isn’t yet legal.



I hope this review helps give you an idea of what delta-8 THC gummies are like, what the high might feel like, and everything in between. Try one of our delta-8 THC products today to see which one is the right one for you!