Mint Juul Pods Flavor

Mint Juul Pods flavor contain our interestingly fulfilling e fluid. This e-fluid has an exclusive detailing that consolidates glycerol, propylene glycol, regular oils, concentrates and flavor, nicotine and benzoic corrosive. Together with temperature-directed vapor innovation, this restrictive science empowers JUUL to convey a vapor experience like no other. Buy Juul Pods online from our online shop.Juul Cool Mint pods have a crisp peppermint flavor with a soothing aftertaste.

Thc Juul Pods For Sale

Nowadays, people turn to ,misinterpret mint Juul Pods for menthol juul. They are quite similar but have a slight difference. Mint pod have a crisp flavor with a soothing taste after consumption, while menthol juul has gets the menthol flavor with a brisk finish. In addition, people get lost and they cant differentiate between fake pods and real ones. That is quite simple, the fake Juul Pods packaging has 4 dots on the top while the real Juul pod has its own company’s logo. Furthermore, fake Juul Pods have harsh oil and e-juices. Their caps are brightly colored. For a sample, one flavor has an orange cap, wherein the real Juul pod there is yellow-orange.

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