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-0.1% Nicotine
-Delta 8 Vape Juice
-Discreet and express Delivery

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Vaping THC VAPE JUICE in New Zealand

Despite the campaigns and columns in favour of vaping THC VAPE JUICE as a healthy alternative to smoking, The New Zealand government is moving to tighten vaping THC E-Liquid laws, in line with the SFEA (Smoke-free Environments Act) 1990. The government proposal seeks to enlist e-cigarettes as tobacco products and will effect an outright ban on the use of vaping devices used to Vape THC vape Oil in restaurants, workplaces, and bars. This proposal will also instil tighter regulations on the sale and advertising of vaping products. This bill claims to protect citizens from the effects of second and third hand smoking, despite the smokeless nature of vaping devices for Vaping E-juice. With cannabis in all recreational forms still illegal in New Zealand, and vaping under the strong scrutiny of the law, the current climate is not ideal for cannabis consumers who prefer to vape. The government has however announced that New Zealanders will vote on legalising cannabis for recreational use in a referendum in 2020. Cannabis users await the vote eagerly.

THC Vape Juice Discreet Shipping to New Zealand

Despite all the laws listed above against Vaping THC Vape Juice In NZ, We are able to ship discreetly to any part of New Zealand with no problem as we package discreet and ship express. You can be sure to buy THC vape juice from us and have it delivered to any address in NZ safely.

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