Top Shelf Kush Hashish 10grams


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Top Shelf Kush Hashish

Looking for a strong head-high that is bursting with physical sensations? Despite the wonderfully sweet taste, Kush Hash is not for everyone. This indica-dominant hybrid gives a powerful physical high.

Kush Hashish is so potent that the species is used for all kinds of medicinal purposes. A small amount can already have a very positive effect on (chronic) pain, insomnia, depression and nausea.

Kush Hashish

What else can you expect? Ultimate relaxation, creative insights and a higher level of happiness. This makes Kush Hash a favorite among seasoned users.

Kush Hashish

Kush Hashish

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Full Pound (450 grams + 15grams extra), Half Pound (224grams +7grams extra), Oz (28grams), Price, Quarter Pound (112grams)


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