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It’s almost time to start growing indoors, and many growers have issues choosing the right strains. There are so many strains on the market nowadays that it can be quite daunting to choose just one.

This is a list of some of the strains that I think are most worth for homegrown cannabis this season. Some of these strains are newborn to the cannabis world and causing quite a stir, whereas others have been around for years and years.

Some of you may not be comfortable with the selection. Still, regardless of personal taste and favorites, all of these strains are high in quality, world-famous, and are known for producing fantastic yields indoors.

M.A.C. 1

M.A.C. 1 (A.K.A. Miracle Alien Cookies) is a strain that has been causing quite a stir over the past few years. It comes from a three-way blend between an Alien Cookies, a Colombian Gold strain, and a Starfighter. The resulting strain has an intense, deliciously earthy and orange-like flavor, with a Diesel aftertaste, which is quite common in many strains that come from the U.S. It produces dense flowers that are strangely compact and full of delicious resin, which creates an intense physical and mental effect that can be intense and long-lasting. M.A.C. 1 is a unique strain that you should clearly grow if you like strains from the U.S.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa strain known for its vibrant, strawberry-flavored smoke and playful, energetic high. Though the strain is normally a tad sharp for the inhale, the active high and well-balanced feeling of euphoria makes Strawberry Cough the most popular strains. It is best for active lifestyle adventurers because it will stimulate movement and lively conversation.


GAS is a strain that is thought to have come from a legend OG Kush selection, and it’s known for producing a surrealistically intense gasoline aroma alongside some equally as intense citric flavors, surely nice. You’ll feel like you’re getting stoned every time you check on your flowering plants or open up your tub, mainly when it’s been cured correctly. It doesn’t have a massive potent effect, but it’s clearly intense enough to satisfy demanding smokers. G.A.S. is a strain that’s just now getting famous in Spain, having competed in some of the most recent cannabis contests in the country, providing exciting results.

Purple Punch

This bizarre strain was bred by the O.G. breeders at Barney’s Farm. It comes from a blend between a potent Larry OG and a deep, dark Green Daddy Purple. It’s considered one of the best aromatic blends in cannabis to date. Its aroma is a blend of apple pie and blueberry that makes it certainly delicious. This may vary depending on the phenotype, but you’re still guaranteed a sturdy and quality cannabis plant. Its effect is super intense, which, when combined with its aroma, makes it one of the most complete cannabis strains around right now.


This Spannabis-winning strain is one of the best Zkittlez strains out there right now. It comes from an excellent selection of Zkittlez plants, and it has been winning prizes in both the U.S. and Europe. It has award-winning aromas, flavors, density, resin, and, last but definitely not least, a mind-blowing high. Its effect is quite mentally exciting and can easily couch-lock you with just a couple of drags. I only recommend this strain to those that are used to smoking potent weed.

Lava Cake

This strain is known as the unfolding of the famous Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie (G.S.C.) strain. It comes from a blend between a G.S.C. and a Grape Pie, both strains which are known for their pungent aromas and abundant yields, not to mention the CBD content for medications. The resulting plant produces highly dense flowers that are pretty in lime green colors. Also, it has a small hint of purple, which makes the resin look even whiter. Its effect is potent and bodily relaxing, and its flavor will surely take over your mouth. Its aroma is more likely to any and every dessert you’ve ever had. Lava Cake is incredibly sweet and will have you drooling before it’s even ready to smoke.


This strain is renowned around the buzz. Though its official origins are unexplained, it’s believed to have begun from a secret, government-funded grow room, born of among the hotter strains from around the world. The resulting strain comes with a sweet, earthy flavor with a very relaxed body high without being overweight or dull. This strain is expressly suitable for a relaxing day with friends where you don’t doubt be excited about the meaning of life.

Eleven Roses

This strain might be Delicious Seeds’ best-breeding marijuana seeds project yet. They are amazingly proud of this strain. They should be, as this potent strain took over three years to breed correctly. Their goal was to produce a better version of their star strain, Sugar Black Rose. They used a male Appalachian Kush to increase aromas and give the resulting plants’ structure more of an indica structure. It has a potent Kush flavor alongside metallic touch. Eleven Roses aroma is earthy, citric, and flowery, and its taste is incredibly long-lasting. Its effect is psychoactive and bodily relaxing, capable of lasting for quite a while.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that got its title from its parent strains, Hawaiian and Trainwreck. The flavor is deeply fruity and a bit woody, with signs of both pine and cedar. This strain is a fast-acting, active high that can last for many hours. Pineapple Express is a hot strain to take to concerts or other outdoor events.


Gelatto is a strain that has simply taken over the market. How can one strain cause such a stir in so many different places? I’ve never seen anything like it, which is why you should grow Gelatto at least once. Also, it’s the only way to understand how potent it is genuinely. It comes from a Thin Mint G.S.C. plant and a delicious, refreshing Sunset Sherbet. The resulting plant is known for how intense and complex its aroma and flavor are, as well as its emotional effect. It’s the perfect blend of psychoactivity and physical leisure, which can be quite intense and long-lasting


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